In Celebration of 'Mature Spa Therapists'

Beautiful Joyce Ellison... Its over 10 years ago that she walked in for her interview, one of the best decisions I ever made. Rockhouse spa team would be lost without her unique energy and nurturing nature. I wanted to feature Joyce on my news page in support and appreciation of mature spa therapists globally – with all they bring to the table (pardon the pun).

I interview therapists all over the world and on occasion there can be the outdated underlining assumption that if you're over 45 the candidates might lack energy, vibrancy, they might need to take more breaks, that in some way they won’t be able to deal with the demands a full day in the spa environment puts on a therapist! I have never found this to be the case. Mature therapists are usually totally committed to their career, they are fantastic role models and mentors for the younger members of the team, they have life experience and wisdom, bringing lots of other gifts to the spa environment, being a great support to spa managers, it’s usually these therapists that will go the extra mile and deliver the “WOW” factor from the minute the guest arrives in the spa. They are intuitive, experienced and compassionate.

Age is a matter of attitude. For me it’s all about integrity, empathy, and a passion for spa, regardless of your date of birth. I won’t be persuaded to go for younger therapists just to portray a certain image of trendy, funky, for the hype… I know ageism doesn’t just affect more mature therapists, younger therapists can be subjected to the same kind of blanket assumptions, however for this feature I wanted to praise all the mature, passionate, committed spa goddesses out there. I put myself in there with the best of them…like a good wine we get better with age.