Quartz Spa Collection

There are so many delicious elements to my career, which will soon reach 40 years… I enjoy the collaborations with fantastic people and inspirational teams. I love it when a potential project comes on the table, you get the call, you have the meeting, and something clicks inside, and the magic starts to happen, intuitively; you just know you have a brilliant concept and creation to bring to life. I don’t get involved with anything these days that doesn’t make my heart sing, if I don’t feel that magic energy then the project is not right for me. I am blessed at this stage in my career to have worked with and be working with some amazing people, who I admire and respect.

In January 2012, I received one of those messages, had the meeting, felt the magic. So, began the Revolutionary Collaboration - Leading Spa and Wellness Consultant Linda Hall has collaborated with innovative global brand Crystal Clear – and their CEO Sharon Hilditch MBE to develop a new lifestyle spa brand collection. “I was delighted when Sharon approached me to be part of this project. Having been a long-term fan of the Crystal-Clear brand and having always had the highest respect for Sharon and what she had achieved within the industry, the vision, concept and name for Quartz Spa came very easily. I envisaged that Quartz Spa would be a results-driven, multi-functional, wellness focused, quartz crystal, spa collection with a very exciting twist! It would deliver a unique ensemble of treatment rituals and body care products to the Spa and Beauty industries. It would perfectly compliment the premium machines and other existing high-end products Crystal Clear already offered their clients.” The rest as they say is history. I am very proud of this beautiful project and body of work. It took several years to bring it to full fruition, however - Quartz Spa is now out in the world.