Award-winning International Spa Consultant & Wellness Expert

Linda Hall has over 35-years experience in the Holistic Health, Spa, Wellness and Beauty industries. During this time she has completed an extensive number of unique spa projects in hotels across three continents. Linda’s specialty is in being able to create indulgent spa environments that unite body, mind and spirit, enveloping the guest in a wave of complete relaxation, melting the stress away and encouraging the body’s natural healing ability to come forth. Her passion for creating luxurious, tranquil settings, coupled with her inner wish to balance and heal the body naturally has allowed her to devise 25+ unique unisex treatment rituals, captivating aromatherapy spa product collections and an exclusive Wellness Program. Linda can offer you the very best service in adding all, or some, of these magical elements to your spa.

Ritualistic Spa Treatments


Linda’s divine ritualistic spa treatments individually address all five senses; aromatherapy products deliver heavenly aromas, experienced therapists use their healing touch to melt stress from the body, relaxing sounds stimulate the hearing just enough to remain present, and carefully blended restorative teas tantalise the taste buds at the end of the ritual. Every one of her ritualistic journeys is carefully crafted to ensure it’s a complete sensory journey that stimulates the senses and brings harmony and tranquillity to body, mind & spirit.

With Linda Hall on board, you can be assured that your spa treatment menu will be full of beautiful ritualistic journeys that have been expertly tailored to bespokely fit your own spa environment. 

Natural Aromatherapy Spa Product Collections


Linda has created two beautiful product collections that take inspiration from the exotic luxury of The Caribbean. They are environmentally friendly and ‘green’ beauty products endorsed. The full range is comprised of the eight-product, multi-functional, award-winning Oshun Skincare Collection and the Sunna Bodycare Collection which is built around her three distinctive aromatherapy blends - Rapture, Restore and Release. This indulgent Bodycare Collection consists of Body, Bath and Lifestyle Collections, whilst the restorative Skincare Collection has been carefully designed to bring the luxury of the spa into the home. Every aromatherapy spa product is a beautifully blended selection of natural botanicals and therapeutic herbs & spices. Each ingredient has been carefully sourced and chosen for it’s deep-seated healing potentials and ability to impart a sublimely alluring, heavenly aroma.  

Linda’s product collections exude the richness and vitality of The Caribbean. They will bring joy to your clients daily lives as they radiate the natural warmth and sunshine of the Caribbean, whilst promoting inner serenity and a happy, healthy spirit.

Wellness Program


Linda has established and implemented a comprehensive hotel Wellness Program at the award-winning Rockhouse Spa in Negril, Jamaica ( where she has been the Spa & Wellness Consultant for the past 12 years. Behind the scenes, establishing the Program has seen her network with local suppliers, work with the hotel’s F & B department to devise new spa wellness dishes and juice program, source and interview local instructors to lead a range of wellness / mindfulness activities, and liaise with every department within the hotel to ensure the smooth running of the Program. All this has allowed the guests to fully immerse themselves in a range of stress-relieving activities, ensuring their stay at the hotel is one of complete rest and restoration. 

With this Program already in place, Linda is ideally qualified to establish a fantastic Wellness Program for your hotel or resort, that will leave your guests feeling relaxed, refreshed, and on top of the world - a sure sign they’ll want to return! 

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So why not choose to Dip into the Linda Hall Brand with a selection of products from the Oshun and Sunna Collections, go for a Splash with a bigger product order and her bespokely tailored treatment rituals, or Dive in for that all encompassing order of taking Linda’s full brand and Wellness Program on-board.

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— Linda Hall, Award-winning International Spa Consultant & Wellness Expert