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Incorporating luxury spas, sensory spa treatment rituals and natural aromatherapy spa product collections, the Linda Hall Brand advocates all the elements needed for a luxurious, restful and stress-free lifestyle. Thanks to the aromatherapy-based foundation of the Brand, the captivating combinations of pure, potent aromas and the drive and passion delivered by Linda Hall, this is a Brand dedicated to delivering luxury spa experiences.

Inject a spark of Caribbean sunshine into your daily routine and reconnect body, mind and spirit the natural way.


Linda Hall creates indulgent spa environments where beautiful memories are made! She has a special vision for designing luxury settings that elevate the guest to 'luxurious spa heaven', so a trip to a Linda Hall spa is a truly magical experience.

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The Linda Hall Brand offers a bespoke spa menu of divine ritualistic unisex treatments. All 25+ sensory spa treatment rituals have been carefully created by Linda, each utilising her own natural aromatherapy spa products.

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aromatherapy SPA product Collections

Combining captivating aromas and natural ingredients, Linda Hall's aromatherapy spa products exude the richness and vitality of The Caribbean, whilst promoting inner serenity and a happy, healthy spirit.

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Linda Hall has worked with clients across the UK, Europe and The Caribbean to bring their spa visions to life on time and in budget. Her services range from the initial research stage through to the organisation of the grand opening or re-launch.

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The Oshun Skincare and Sunna Bodycare Collections were formerly marketed under the Caribbean Essentials brand
name. Whilst Caribbean Essentials is still well known across Jamaica and The US, the collections were re-branded for the European Market in 2016. They are all the same wonderfully captivating, highly restorative aromatherapy products just re-packaged to reflect different global influences.

Linda Has collaborated with many COMPANIES, ORGANISATIONS AND Spas over the years across Europe, the USA and Asia.

Inspired by my 20 years as a Spa & Wellness Consultant in The Caribbean, I created a natural brand that represents the vitality, therapeutic essence and energy of this beautiful part of the World.
— Linda Hall, Award-winning International Spa Consultant & Wellness Expert

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