Seasonal Spa Treatment Ritual Packages

Working seasonally with the Five Elements results in total mind, body and spirit harmony and balance. The Five Element theory is based on the belief that we are made up of the five elements (Phases) of Wood (Spring), Fire (Summer), Earth (Late-Summer), Metal (Autumn) and Water (Winter). Each element corresponds to a season, time of day, life-cycle, emotion, attitude and your internal organs, tissues, body functions, glands and their associated activities. When one element falls out of balance, others over compensate and are put under pressure, resulting in physical, emotional or spiritual ‘dis-ease.’

Linda Hall has put together four unique Solstice and Equinox Seasonal Treatment Ritual Packages. Each package is a collective set of treatments that have been specially selected and integrated, so that one treatment therapeutically and effortlessly complements and flows into the next, restoring inner balance.


Spring Equinox Cleansing RITUAL...

...brings vitality and rejuvenation to mind, body & soul. The Spring Element (Wood) is all about detoxification and cleansing, with the organs up for service during this time being the liver and gallbladder. Enter the phase of the Spring Element on March 21st - 21st June and put a totally cleansed ‘Spring in your Stride’ with the Green Season Package. Experience the amazing, re-energising benefits of an Aqua Detox, combined with the green, powerfully therapeutic, immune system stimulating and cleansing energy of the Sunna Island Mint Scrub & Wrap combination. A beautiful, uplifting and invigorating threesome that will completely ‘Detoxify and Renew...’


Summer Solstice Loving RITUAL...

...brings circulation boosting pleasure and joy. The Summer Element (Fire) is all about love and joy. This fun period is the season of the emotions and starts on 21st June - 21st September. The organs that come up for attention are the heart and small intestines. As such, the Red Season Package will ignite your passion, boost circulation and leave you silky smooth. Indulge with the Ultimate Coffee Scrub - an intoxicating, detoxifying, cellulite banishing ritual, pursued by a Hot Rock Massage using Rapture, our signature sensuous blend to evoke the hedonistic spirit of The Caribbean. The session is concluded with a Mocha Rum Wrap - a delicious, decadent and desirable ritual that lavishes the skin with powerful aphrodisiacs. A truly delectable trio. ‘Sensual and Stimulating...’


Autumn Equinox Release RITUAL...

brings clarity and peace of mind. Autumn is a time to let go of what no longer serves us with the Autumn Equinox giving us the gifts of movement and cleansing. The Autumn Element (Metal) is the season of the mind and begins its journey on 21st September - 21st December. The organs up for service are the lungs and large intestine. The Silver Season Package honours two powerful ancient rituals - Shirodhara, the ultimate mental and emotional relaxation therapy will harmonise the emotions and purify the mind, whilst our Herbal Poultice Massage (Luk Pra Kope) will release muscular tension to induce a deep relaxation. So go ahead, lie back, let go of the past and allow us to help sooth your body and mind. ‘Deeply Cleansing...’


Winter Solstice Reflection RITUAL...

brings rest and reconnection. The Winter Element (Water) is a time to go deep within, with focused intent in search of crystal clear clarity. The kidneys and bladder are the organs up for service during this period which begins on 21st December - 21st March. Let us take the weight off your shoulders and bring warmth to the kidneys & bladder meridians with the Blue Season Package. Enjoy a Holistic Deep Healing Back Ritual to remove stagnant energy from the back, followed by a Shirodhara to help reduce fatigue and anxiety. This nurturing duo will re-energise your adrenals, recharged the libido and clear the mind. ‘Nurturing and Warming...’

We can naturally sail through all difficulties when
there is peace inside us.
— Unknown