Oshun Facial Massage Rituals

All facial massage rituals utilise products from Linda Hall’s own award-winning Oshun Skincare Collection. The sublimely alluring, heavenly scents of these natural aromatherapy skincare products are combined with the energy of the therapist’s hands to maximise the healing potentials of each ritual. In addition, powerful essential oils, crystals, ancient rituals and deep breathing are added to the mix to empower and nurture your skin, whilst restoring inner balance and tranquillity to you.

Bring the natural warmth and sunshine of The Caribbean into your day with one of these unique, Oshun Facial Massage Rituals…


Signature Oshun Facial MASSAGE Ritual

A transcendent, harmonising, hands-on facial massage ritual experience performed on a warm ‘Caribbean’ water cushion. This is a facial massage like no other! Luxurious cleansing, rich rejuvenation, revitalising anti-aging elixirs and intensely restorative masks are combined with ancient rituals, intuitive pressure point massage, lymph drainage, hot & cold holistic techniques and fresh preparation. This delicious facial will tone, illuminate, rejuvenate, rebalance and restore, bringing about total relaxation, hydration and visibly renewed skin.

OSHUN Rejuvenating Facial MASSAGE Lift

An amazing, firming, vigorous, anti-aging facial massage treatment ritual. A combination of traditional beauty therapy, ancient facial massage techniques, lymph drainage, manual lift massage and acupressure, combined with powerful rejuvenating elixirs and botanicals. This vigorous facial massage will firm, lift and tone, by improving circulation and strengthening the underlining facial muscles, to bring back a firm youthful radiance.


De-stress Your Tresses

A deep hair and scalp spa treatment ritual inspired by nature and ancient cultures. Linda Hall’s totally surrendering hair and scalp ritual uses a combination of nourishing, hydrating, beautifying and relaxing elements which will leave you feeling exotically scented, tranquil and renewed.

The gentle, natural botanical ingredients used in all Oshun Facial Massage Rituals,
respect the integrity of the skin, bringing it back to harmony and balance.