Sunna Sensory Body Massage Rituals

Picture the scene... Divine ritualistic spa treatments individually addressing all five senses; Sunna Bodycare aromatherapy products delivering heavenly aromas; experienced therapists using their healing touch to melt stress from your body; relaxing sounds stimulating your hearing just enough to remain present; and carefully blended restorative teas tantalising your taste buds at the end of the treatment ritual.

And, if this wasn’t enough, these beautifully designed ritualistic treatments are offered in a totally luxurious spa setting - Linda Hall’s magical sixth element! Her exquisite attention to detail of the complete package transports the experience to a whole other level!

For the ultimate in luxurious spa heaven, these unique Sunna Sensory Body Massage Rituals are surely experiences you won’t want to miss!


Sunna Aromatherapy Massage Ritual

A totally rebalancing, harmonising and transforming full body aromatherapy massage experience. This blissful, holistic ritual fuses mindfulness chakra energy synchronisation with mystical signature massage techniques and powerful, therapeutic aromatherapy synergistic blends Rapture, Restore or Release. It improves lymphatic drainage, tones and rejuvenates the skin, relaxes, calms, balances and harmonises the psyche, body and soul. Each blend has been meticulously crafted to capture the intoxicating, revitalising, healing aromas of The Caribbean in their own unique and therapeutic way. Choose from the following for your divine ritualistic massage journey:

Rapture: Sensuous blend to evoke the hedonistic spirit of the Caribbean, Restore: Healing blend to awaken the colourful character of the Caribbean, Release: Euphoric blend to conjure up the Caribbean’s happy, relaxed vibe.


R.I.Z.T. Swedish Style Massage Ritual

‘Revitalising - Invigorating - Zesty - Therapy’ A deep healing, warming massage ritual. The traditional purpose of Swedish massage is to increase oxygen flow in the blood and release toxins from the muscles. It incorporates lots of delicious long stokes, combined with perfect pressure, kneading, flaying, pinching and cupping. Enjoyed by millions worldwide, this stress-reducing massage is an invigorating, tension-releasing, full body experience which imparts a feeling of general wellbeing, by manipulating the soft tissues of the body. (Restore Aromatherapy Signature Oil is the preferred blend used in this therapeutic, warming massage)


Sunna Signature Exotic Massage ritual

An amazing synthesis of four potent massage techniques combining therapeutic essentials oils, healing herbal detoxifying poultices, warm bamboo, basalt stones and signature massage techniques. All these elements unite in this truly indigenous, luxurious, unforgettable spa ritual.


Deep Tissue Massage Ritual

Similar to the Swedish Massage, the Deep Tissue Massage Ritual uses slower, firmer strokes and pressure to work the fibres of muscles and tendons.


Holistic Deep Healing Back Ritual

A fusion of indigenous herbs, oils, spices and muds combined with a powerful signature ritual of hot compresses, steam, and pressure point massage to remove stagnant energy from the back - an area that holds so much stress in the body. Look after your back and thus the whole body. ‘A total holistic, healing, cleansing treatment.’


Signature Mineral Hot Rock Massage RITUAL

A distinctive, life-enhancing signature massage ritual. Sensual warm basalt stones caress every inch of the body. They are strategically placed on the body’s pressure and chakra points, aided and abetted by delicious, powerful essential oils, to carry away tension and stress, initiating a countdown to blissful relaxation.

Every Linda Hall sensory body massage ritual is unique, rejuvenating, inspiring and passionate - a complete sensory journey to balanced tranquillity.