All products within the Oshun Skincare and Sunna Bodycare Collections are natural, organic, sustainably sourced and completely free of all chemical impurities (SLS and paraben free).

Linda Hall Aromatherapy Spa Products are environmentally friendly and ‘green’ beauty products endorsed. The full range is comprised of an award-winning, eight-product, multi-functional Facial Skincare Collection and a Bodycare Collection (consisting of Body, Bath and Lifestyle Collections) built around Linda’s three distinctive aromatherapy blends - Rapture, Restore and Release.

Oshun Skincare Natural Aromatherapy Product Collection from Linda Hall

The Oshun Skincare Collection has been designed to bring the spa into the home, presenting a natural way to achieve visibly renewed skin. Bursting with goodness, and utilising luscious skin regenerating botanicals like Neroli, Coconut, Aloe Vera, Vanilla and Vitamin C, all eight products can be used either independently or as one amazing homecare collection, specifically designed to bring back lustre, luminosity, passion and a youthful vibrancy. The reward for caring for and indulging the skin daily with the Oshun Skincare Collection, is a beautiful, alluring, radiant complexion and a happy, healthy spirit.

Sunna Bodycare Natural Aromatherapy Product Collection from Linda Hall

The Rapture, Restore and Release blends of the Sunna Bodycare Collections have been carefully designed by Linda to interact with the body’s natural healing energies and the cyclic nature of the Earth’s seasons. As their dynamic, restorative aromas are unveiled, each delicious scent evokes the essence of The Caribbean in its own unique way.

Rapture, a sensual and stimulating blend brings forth the hedonistic spirit of the region, whilst Restore, a powerfully healing and therapeutic blend awakens The Caribbean‘s distinctive, colourful character. Release is an uplifting, euphoric blend that will conjure up the famous happy, relaxed atmosphere.

So, there truly is something for everyone and a blend for all seasons and occasions!

The Oshun Skincare and Sunna Bodycare Collections were formerly marketed under the Caribbean Essentials brand name. Whilst Caribbean Essentials is still well known across Jamaica and The US, the collections were re-branded for the European Market in 2016. They are all the same wonderfully captivating, highly restorative aromatherapy products just re-packaged to reflect different global influences.

Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.
— James M. Barrie