Linda has designed many spas over the years and knows it’s the setting that makes the real difference. You want to leave a spa feeling indulged, relaxed, refreshed and on top of the world - and this is Linda’s true specialty.

Indulgent spa environments where beautiful memories are made!

Linda’s true specialty is knowing how to turn a good spa experience into an amazing one. She focuses on the small details, devises treatment rituals that make the guest feel truly special, and creates aromatherapy spa products that impart wonderfully captivating aromas. Together, these elements elevate the guest to a place of ‘luxurious spa heaven’.


It’s this exquisite attention to detail that Linda has of the complete spa environment that really brings the sense of luxury and unforgettableness to the occasion. Linda is extremely passionate about creating spa settings that unite body, mind and spirit, enveloping the guest in a wave of complete relaxation, melting the stress away and encouraging the body’s natural healing ability to come forth.

The Linda Hall brand offers a bespoke spa menu of beautiful ritualistic unisex treatments, all utilising her own natural aromatherapy spa products. These treatment rituals are expertly tailored to each new spa, creating an experience you definitely won’t want to miss!

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At the heart of the Linda Hall brand is a foundation of passion, simplicity, purity & integrity.