Ten Spa Treatments Spiked With Booze

When I created the Mocha Rum Wrap Ritual 14 years ago my vision was that of a brilliant spa ritual, with a cheeky little reference to how Jamaicans use rum - for medicinal use of course! When I first arrived in Jamaica I was told to rub rum in my hair if I got caught in the rain and to rub it on my body if I felt a chill or cold coming on. I used this advice and incorporated it into my delicious wrap experience. I knew in the spa environment guests would love the rum inclusion and I could see how guests would say to the therapists as they swirled the white rum into the mocha wrap mix and presented it to the guests "Am I supposed to drink this before the treatment?" I knew my Mocha Rum Wrap would be a fantastic success in spas. Its mixed in with the synergy of my rapture aromatherapy blend, to deliver a powerful, healing, provocative spa ritual. Great to see it included in this fun coverage from CNN Travel on spa rituals that use booze for healing of course!