Revolutionary Collaboration

For the past three years I have been working hard behind the scenes collaborating with innovative global brand Crystal Clear to develop a new spa lifestyle range; Quartz Spa Aromatherapy Lifestyle Collection.

With the successful launch of this innovative range now under our belts, and initial feedback being extremely positive, I can finally lift the lid on this exciting new collection which consists of a core range of three signature blends, Hope, Happiness and Energise. Each blend is positively bursting with a carefully crafted fusion of powerful aromatherapy oils and utilises the therapeutic healing effects of quartz crystals. To complete the collection, I devised a complimentary range of spa treatment rituals to gently guide the client on a restorative, harmonising, rebalancing and energising journey.

From the outset, Crystal Clear CEO Sharon Hilditch MBE had always intended to introduce a high-performance aromatherapy collection to the brand. So, sixteen years after Crystal Clear’s launch, and with a well-established international reputation for developing cutting-edge anti-aging skincare products and revolutionary clinical salon machines, the timing was right to move the brand forward. 

I was delighted when Sharon approached me to be part of this project. Having been a long-term fan of the Crystal Clear brand, and having always had the highest respect for Sharon and what she has achieved within the industry, the vision, concept and name for Quartz Spa came very easily. I envisaged that Quartz Spa would be a results-driven, multi-functional, wellness focused, ritualistic spa collection with an exciting twist! Delivering a unique ensemble of treatment rituals and bodycare products to the Spa and Beauty industries, it would perfectly compliment the premium machines and other existing high end products Crystal Clear currently offer their clients.

Knowing that the Crystal Clear brand was founded on the concept of crystals, it was essential that this ideology was carried through into the new spa collection. Having seen first-hand how the global perception of crystal healing has changed in recent years, and recognising how many spas are ‘waking up’ to this powerful therapy, I knew that by creating a dynamic synergy of essential oils and crystals, it would be the perfect futuristic approach to ‘spa’, for the renewal and balance of mind, body and spirit. By combining two of nature’s most potent healing gifts; essential oils and crystals, it would offer the possibility of a vibrationally energetic and highly therapeutic spa collection with a stunningly aromatic twist, allowing each signature blend to exude the very essence that their name projects; Hope, Happiness and Energise.

I believe the launch of Crystal Clear’s Quartz Spa Aromatherapy Lifestyle Collection will bring a captivating new edge to the Spa, Wellness and Beauty industries. It’s a lifestyle aromatherapy collection that will take you from bath to bedroom in the comfort of your own home.

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