Hello Beautiful People

I'm so excited to be launching my e-commerce shop with my first babies “Rapture, Restore and Release” in the Autumn Season 2018. Three beautiful signature aromas that will uplift the spirits as we transition from Summer into Autumn. The massage & bath oils are deeply hydrating, lavishing the skin with goodness, combined with their delicious alluring aromas.

After summer, Rapture comes into its own again in late Autumn/Winter when we are naturally drawn to the aromas of Cinnamon and Sweet Orange. Both Restore & Release are also perfect during the Autumn/Winter as they work on energetic, therapeutic and romantic aspects that relate to the seasons - Warming, confidence building, stimulating creativity, immune system stimulating, healing for the lungs & chest, anti-inflammatory, aids digestion.

I created the formulation for Rapture in 2002. Followed swiftly by Release and Restore. The inspiration for my brand came during my early years as a Spa & Wellness Consultant living and working in the Caribbean. First and foremost my brand is an aromatherapy, chakra orientated, seasonally inspired, professional spa brand. Therefore, getting the signature blends right for the holistic spa rituals I had envisaged was the starting point for what was to become my award-winning brands - Sunna Bodycare, Oshun Skincare and Caribbean Essentials. In Jamaica, the award- winning uber-cool Rockhouse Hotel & Spa and Skylark Beach Hotel have exclusivity and carry my brand under the brand name Caribbean Essentials.  

"Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves"  
James M. Barrie  

My unique spa brand has gone on to delight clients and guests in award-winning boutique hotels in The Caribbean for over 13 years. And now I am delighted to be launching my E-commerce site with the Sunna Collection – Rapture, Restore & Release Massage & Bath Oil and Pure Essential Oils, so that everyone can have the opportunity to enjoy these beautiful products.

Therefore, don't miss out - head on over to my website now to grab your purchase and watch this space for Rapture Perfume and Candle coming in the new year. The Oshun Facial Collection will be launched before Christmas.