Welcome to the first Linda Hall/Caribbean Essentials Newsletter

Hello Beautiful People

Welcome to my first newsletter!

Its June 2018, and I am super excited to be launching two amazing gifts to the world. My first quarterly seasonal newsletter and the opening of the E-Commerce element for the Linda Hall/Caribbean Essentials Brand on my website 14st July (Thats our Shop folks – Happy Retailing)

I decided on the vibrant month of June and in celebration of the Summer Element to launch these two exciting events as the perfect season to fully embrace and harness the powerful, abundant, fertile, magic energy of the summer solstice month…. Love, joy, positivity, growth and abundance are key themes at this time. It’s the perfect month for working on prosperity and anything good we want to grow. My beautiful products are my children and by celebrating the summer solstice and the power of the suns energy I am giving thanks for all the gifts in my life and everything I have achieved so far. I am looking forward with passion and positivity to coming harvests when I will reap the rewards and fruits of my labour and all the abundance mother nature has in store for me. Wishing you a beautiful summer, let the brightness of the sun above remind you to look on the bright side of life...

I have so much to share with you. It will be a challenge, as the passionate goddess I am to keep things brief with the summer solstice energy spilling over everywhere, however I will try and thus, allow you to follow the links and leads, taking you on a Special Summer Journey to wherever takes your fancy. I hope you enjoy our first newsletter as much as I did creating it.

I want to dedicate my first newsletter to a very special person. To My Earth Angle - The incredible, talented, amazing goddess - Sam Dabbs-Cotton. Thank you for your unwavering support, love, professionalism, bossiness, focus, creativity and total belief in me and my brand, when at times I had lost my mojo. For your ability to totally “GET ME” no mean feat, for all the fun times, festivals and frolics we have enjoyed together (all under the heading of business meetings of course) I would be lost without you. Thank You x

“Being passionate about something is the most beautiful characteristic you can develop” Charlotte Eriksson.