Skylark Spa

I am super excited and extremely proud to be the Spa & Wellness partner for Skylark Spa, the new sister property to the Award Winning Rockhouse Hotel & Spa. I have spent the past 4 months working on the vision, ethos, training and set up of Skylark Spa. I have a beautiful new team; my brand Caribbean Essentials fully facilitates all treatment rituals. Skylark is an amazing, totally cool, beach property. The official opening is in June 2018; which perfectly fits in with my vision, wishes and dreams for all things beautiful launching summer 2018.

Skylark Spa Team

Skylark Spa Team

When I work on spa project I always write down ideas and thoughts that then becomes the vision and becomes the spa project proposal. I always know the result I want; therefore, I work backwards: how many rooms do I need? What sort of story do I want to tell with this spa? I always start by writing down the things I was sure of, using pictures to illustrate the vibe and energy I feel would work best and then add the other parts as I go along. I learnt a long time ago that making mistakes along the way is okay as long as we learn from them and of course the end result is delicious... Skylark Spa is a beautiful vision come to life… Picture the scene... Divine ritualistic spa treatments individually addressing all five senses; Caribbean Essentials aromatherapy products delivering heavenly aromas; experienced therapists using their healing touch to melt stress from your body; relaxing sounds stimulating your hearing just enough to remain present; and carefully blended restorative teas and spa beverages, tantalising your taste buds at the end of the treatment ritual. This is Skylark Spa heaven!

Loving what you do is a key element to health and happiness. You spend x number of hours per day "At work" therefore it makes sense to do something that makes your heart sing, fills you with passion and joy I have felt this way about my career since day one back in 1980… The beautiful ladies at Skylark spa (at the beginning of their career journey) bring all the above and more to Skylark Spa.

So, it’s another “WRAP”…

A long, interesting and at times a bit of a bumpy road, however; totally worth the journey. Now the magic begins. Skylark beautiful, special, holistic spa team, we are up and running. Well done ladies. Well done to everyone involved in this magical project #teamworkmakesthedreamswork