Rapture & The Fire Element

I am launching my e-commerce shop - quite rightly with RAPTURE…. Summer is a “Go for it season” it’s all about vibrancy, activity, joy, passion, being creative, following your heart’s desire, amour, love. The full force of summer is upon us, it’s the most yang time of year (Winter is the most yin) The heart and small intestines are the focal point of fire energy. As most fans of Rapture are already aware, it is one of my 3 signature aromatherapy blends. Rapture is a delicious, sensual, very sexy synergy, bursting with 5 aphrodisiacs... Some have even said it’s “A sex in a bottle potion” I cannot be held responsible for what happens after you “Embrace Rapture” however I can guarantee it will be pleasurable. The energy around summer is sexy, we feel at our best, the sun is shining, we are outdoors, clothing is at a minimum. If you have been following the “Wheel of the Year” living seasonally you will be feeling at your most vibrant. Embrace this “Full On” yang energy with RAPTURE. Anything is possible under the magic of the summer solstice vibe... Some words of wisdom - At night, the Heart stores “shen,” a Chinese term for “spirit” or “conscious awareness” If your Heart fails to house shen at night, you may suffer from insomnia. In Chinese medicine, mental activity is associated with the Heart and therefore thought processes, emotional well-being, our memory and consciousness all are attributed to the Heart. Whist Rapture is a vibrant synergy it’s also a “Heart Hug in a bottle” The unique potentials & possibilities of this base chakra blend will embrace & caress the senses with energetic, therapeutic, romantic and heart centered possibilities. Lifting depression, de-stressing, nurturing, balancing, relaxing the mind body and soul…

Rapture has a beautiful rounded, warm aroma. It's a totally stimulating, powerfully alluring, earthy, sensual synergy. Sweet orange will relax and uplift the spirits, while the delicious infinite notes of Cinnamon, Vanilla & Patchouli will totally de-stress you. Geranium brings forth complete balance and harmony. *Sweet Orange is our featured Summer Oil.

* Exciting news for Rapture fans (and that means everyone), Rapture natural perfume will be launched in time for Christmas! More about that in my next newsletter!