Home Spa for Summer

Regular Exfoliation

Although this is key all year round, using a natural scrub ideally twice a week in the summer will help your skin utilise its own healthy hydration techniques. Exfoliation is the critical, ‘Instant Gratification’ part of your skin care ritual. It removes the outer layer of dead skin to reveal the newer, fresher skin beneath. This shedding of the outer layer unclogs pores, keeps skin clean and prepares skin for all the goodness to follow.

In the spas that carry my brand Caribbean Essentials (In the Caribbean) you can buy my three signature scrubs Rapture, Restore and Release and enjoy the professional rituals. However, for my UK clients it’s a little far to travel for a body scrub!

I will be launching my RESTORATIVE FACE MASK –  A versatile and unique dry facemask, overflowing with powerful anti-ageing, healing and rejuvenating ingredients. It will be available from the e-commerce site from August 2018.


In addition to drinking lots and lots of water, which we all know is key all year round, we need to care for and indulge our skin daily... ...with lavishing, loving antioxidants, skin regenerating botanicals, essential oils and essential fatty acids and a balanced diet. The consequence of all this devotion is a beautiful, alluring, radiant complexion and a happy, healthy spirit.


The second product to launch on my e-commerce site will be my REVITALISING BUTTER - An active, multi-functional skin food that melts on contact with the skin. This gentle, yet powerful cleanser and hydrating butter will boost circulation, dissolve debris and completely bathe the skin.

Overall Effect A healthy, hydrated, cleansed, radiant, youthful complexion. Soft and silky hair.


Summer Spa Rituals

Scrubs, Wraps, Shirodhara, Hydrating Facials, all Detox Spa Rituals – Massage, Reflexology, Steam Sessions, Skin Brushing daily.