Bathhouse Journey: From design, through creation, and devising the rituals

2015 at The Rockhouse Hotel & Spa was all about the addition of the  totally gorgeous new Bathhouse. I loved, loved, loved, bringing this vision to fruition. The whole project was an absolute joy to work on. It was one of the many plans I had for the spa at Rockhouse 11 years earlier and I'm delighted with the final result. Getting the green light to go ahead with this project couldn’t have been more perfectly timed. The spa was celebrating its 10th anniversary as a world class, award-winning spa, we had won the World Travel Award for 'Leading Spa in Jamaica' and the new 'Holistic Bathhouse' perched above the cliffs of Pristine Cove would be our perfect birthday present.

As part of my initial vision for the Rockhouse Spa, I had always wanted to deliver a beautiful bathing ritual experience for the guests. My inspiration was the beautiful azure ocean and I wanted this to be the view, to be 'the money shot'. I knew I wanted two beautiful white slipper baths as the hosting experience for this incredible show. For therapeutic continuity, the healing rituals would center around my signature aromatherapy blends, Rapture, Restore and Release. I imagined each treatment to include refreshing bites of local fruits, a ginger shot, organic fresh juices and a relaxing therapeutic tea ceremony. So the green light was on, and the rest as they say, is success history!

I am delighted and beyond proud of the end result, it surpasses all my original musings. As always, working on any project at Rockhouse is a delicious, collaborative process. My vision is never micromanaged, just beautifully supported by an incredibly passionate team. The build took about 4 months, the spa team where brilliantly supportive and worked around this big disruptive project knowing they would have an incredible new addition to their spa. As always they took to the training concept like ducks to water and delighted me by their enthusiasm and passion for my rituals. We had been a team at this point for over 10 years and they know my brand inside out. I also worked with some great local artisans for the accent pieces. After 18 years working on projects in Jamaica, I have a great contact list of very talented people I can call on.

The ancient art of the bathing ritual is one of nature’s oldest, and most beautiful, pastimes (I have to admit, its also one of my favorite pastimes!) and at Rockhouse Spa I wanted to take the bathing experience to its pinnacle in a brand new cliff top Spa Bathhouse. We delivered on that vision. Guests are totally blown away by the whole ritualistic, unique experience. The press went crazy with the story after they enjoyed the bathing ritual experiences for themselves... The news spread like a wild fire.

The magical, airy structure features two beautiful deep white slipper tubs for couples or individuals to experience the bathing ritual treatments, while taking in views of the azure Caribbean Sea. (Check, check) The therapeutic and exotic bathing rituals I created are centered around 3 powerful, healing bathing experiences (Check). Rituals are available in a 50-minute soak; a 90-minute exfoliating scrub and soak; a 100-minute soak and massage; and a super indulgent 150-minute exfoliating scrub, soak and massage — all with a choice of my Caribbean Essentials/Linda Hall signature aromatherapy blends: (YES! I got my two beautiful deep white slipper tubs!)

The Rituals

Rockhouse Signature Island Mint Bathing Ritual (Release) – a detoxifying green energy blend that revitalizes and boosts the immune system. This contains essential oils and powerful local herbs including cerasee, spearmint, peppermint and green tea along with re-mineralizing salts and coconut milk. It’s a very potent, bush bathing ritual, bursting with green energy.

Rockhouse Sensual Bathing Ritual (Rapture) – a warming and indulgent blend that will lift depression, improve circulation, ease the nervous system and relax the mind. This is a pure Cleopatra, opulent bathing ritual, lavished with coconut milk, vanilla, rose petals, sweet orange and hibiscus + all the therapeutic goodness of powerful salts, oats, cinnamon and geranium.

Rockhouse Spice Bathing Ritual (Restore) – the ultimate anti-inflammatory, healing blend that soothes aching joints, sore muscles, headaches and jet lag. Powerful, healing and spicy, this ritual is all about yellow energy, incorporating the powerful therapeutic punch of turmeric and ginger combined with lemongrass, orange, healing salts and coconut milk. This ritual warms you through to your soul.

The Bathing Ritual Package

Each Bathing Ritual Package is a complete therapeutic journey which begins with a selection from my signature aromatherapy blends: Release, Rapture and Restore. All rituals also include fresh seasonal fruits, a ginger shot, organic juice and end of treatment therapeutic Tea Ceremony. For this part I created three custom tea blends that are thematically linked to each bathing ritual, offering a Caribbean twist on the Asian tradition.

Whichever package you choose, it truly is an indulgent, incredible, unique and therapeutic way to spend a magical few hours, either on your own, or with a loved one or friend.