Linda Hall Spa Life - The Journey Continues, 2016 Imbolc Festival New Beginings

I have chosen February 2nd to launch my new Linda Hall Spa & Wellness Facebook page because today represents a very special day...My holistic, five element, Goddess beliefs have always interlaced and influenced my career and life choices, and today is the festival of ‪#‎Imbolc‬ (pronounced EE-Molc). The holiday is also known as ‪#‎Candlemas‬ or ‪#‎BreedFestivals‬. It is one of the 4 Celtic ‘Fire’ festivals and signifies the first signs of spring. Imbolc is the old Celtic name for spring and the festival commemorates the changing of the Goddess from the Crone to the Maiden. It is the festival where we celebrate the passing of the old (Winter) and the beginning of all things new (Spring). Launching my new Facebook page is a celebration of the past and making way for the new, ‘the future’, whilst fully being in the beautiful present moment. After I was diagnosed with cancer in 1999, the book I had started to write a few years earlier took on a new path. It was not going to be a book about cancer though. My vision was to write an exciting, fun, travel book that was Goddess-centered - an inspirational, dancing around the world book, exploring cultures, the Goddess and dance. (This was way before Bridget Jones!!) I intended to travel around the world to each Goddess festival over a 3 year period, fully embracing the culture. Dancing was a big part of the book and each chapter was named after the mythical powers and influences behind each Goddess. For example, ‪#‎Fear‬ was the first chapter. I had just been diagnosed with cancer and for most of us, this is our biggest fear...The book was started before Facebook, before Bridget Jones’ Diary, and way before the explosion of social media! After taking on several different directions than the one I had originally planned, my book is nearly finished. #2016 I am cancer free, I did experience lots of the Goddess festivals and I am a successful Spa & Wellness Consultant living the life of my dreams, on my terms. There have been delicious highs and devastating lows, but it's all part of the dance of life and I love it. Will my book ever be published? Who knows?!!! Therefore today, as I launch my new Facebook page, I pay tribute to Imbolc and Brigid, the Celtic Goddess of healing, midwifery, poetry and anything you can create using your hands ‪#‎hands‬ ‪#‎thegiftofatherapiststrade‬ This is a great time to set the tone for new beginnings, honouring the past and getting excited about the new. The winter (the past) has gone and the future looks bright, and being in the moment is where it's at! I hope you will follow, share and love the Lindahall-spaandwellnessconsultant page. Light some candles tonight and let in the spirit of Imbolc.