Sweet Orange

The beautiful aroma of oranges takes me right back to childhood, mum would sometimes put one in our tuck box as a special treat. For me it's a happy, safe, sunny aroma, making it perfect for summer. It has a cornucopia of therapeutic uses and can literally be used from top, to toe, making it the perfect oil to keep in your medicine cabinet.

Sweet Orange essential oil has a warm rounded citrus aroma that “Hints At Sunshine”. It is a wonderful antidepressant, is calming, mood elevating and uplifting. It helps with the three (S’s) combats stress, is sleep inducing and skin brightening! It helps prevent capillary fragility, thus is powerful in treating conditions, such as varicose veins, broken capillaries & irritated patches on the skin, as well as hydrating, softening, keeping the skin young and vibrant. It contains a lavish amount of vitamin C that aids collagen production. It also helps keep the skin free from those naughty free radicals. With added beneficial effects as an antiseptic, digestive and confidence builder (great for heart energy) simply put, “Sweet Orange is a mind, body, spirit, holistic oil.”

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