Patchouli has a strong, spicy, smoky, earthy aroma. It's a well-known aphrodisiac, astringent, fungicide and insecticide. Good for mild depression and ranks supreme in the emotional sphere. Excellent in skin & hair care treatments. Ideal for toning loose skin and is used extensively in anti-aging skin products as a total rejuvenator. Its mood elevating and for centuries has been used in traditional Malaysian, Chinese & Japanese medicine. The leaves make a very healing Malaysian tea. Helps diarrhea, fevers and acts as a restorer during convalescence.  Its diuretic properties are useful in cases of fluid retention and cellulite. Well known to increase libido, considered a powerful aphrodisiac. Known as a tissue regenerator. Heals rough, cracked skin. Useful for treating acne, eczema, fungal infections and scalp disorders including dandruff.