A powerful, sweet, sensual, warm and spicy essential oil.  A delicious aphrodisiac. Cinnamon can treat complex imbalances such as male impotence, vaginitis, respiratory problems, feelings of depression & weakness. It can also induce menstruation. Its an analgesic for painful joints & muscles, as well as rheumatism and it aids the digestive system. It can also be used in childbirth (stimulates contractions). Its good for nervous exhaustion, depression & stress related conditions and is very useful in preventing infectious & contagious diseases due to its remarkable anti-bacterial properties. It has a high antioxidant capacity, second only to clove oil. The strength of cinnamon oil has been shown to eliminate many forms of pathogenic organisms. Traditionally it has been used for fast relief of infections of the bladder and the digestive tract, as well as enzymatic deficiency in the gut, brilliant to ward off colds and fever. Additionally, the aroma is thought to attract abundance, and is often used with Patchouli oil for this esoteric application.